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Glutazem - 15
Price ₹180.00


1)Increases and builds gut immunity
2). Increases glutathione levels
3)  Improves gastrointestinal health 
4)  Helps heal ulcers and Leaky gut 
5)   Improves IBS and diarrhoea
 6)  Improves athletic performance and recovery   
      From endurance exercise
 7)     Boost metabolism and cellular detoxification
  8)   Improves diabetes and blood sugar 
  9)      Cuts sugar and alcohol cravings 
Price ₹400.00

Zemsure Protein Powder 

35% whey protein with omega 3 (flaxseeds)

High Protein High calorie 

Gluten ,Sucrose and cholesterol free 

Whey peptide and MCT based 

Enriched with omega 3 (flaxseeds) and vitamins and minerals 

MCT for easy digestion to provide instant energy 


For adults :2 scoops morning and evening 

For children above 5 years :2 scoop only in a day 




Price ₹160.00

For Being Young and Healthy Forever you can take everyday checkage one capsule morning and evening 

Works for stress ,anxiety , depression 

HighlyRecommended who are weak or suffering from stress life 

Checkage offers a complete health solution as it maintain the hormonal imbalance both men and women 

Works for increasing sperm count in amen and   ovulation in women 

Checkage increases blood circulation throughout the body 

Shields against infection 

Checkage helps in countering cough from the respiratory system 

Checkage inhibits all bacterial and fungal infections and other viruses

Ayurvedic medicine with no side effects